We will clean your carpets and upholstery using a hot water extraction system that deep cleans to remove the dirt and grime ground into the fibers.  Using this system is ideal for a home with children or pets as the chemicals used are biodegradable which is a safe and friendly solution, but still hard working.

Upholstery is throughly cleaned
To prolong to life of your furniture and to enhance, all areas are cleaned (back, front, sides and corners) to remove all dirt and grim.

Carpets are dry in 30 minutes
Carpets will be cleaned deep down to remove soil, dust, mites and bacteria.  Carpets are left fresh and will be dry to walk on in just 30 minutes.

Carpets and upholstery protection seals the fibres and allows you to mop up spills before staining and helps  prevent dirt and grime being ground into fibres as long as regular hoovering and care is taken. (This is an additional cost).

All carpets and upholstery are inspected before cleaning commences, as while most stains can be removed, we want to give you an accurate assessment of the results of the clean.

We do expect rooms to be clutter free!


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